Are You ...
Needing direction with your presentation techniques?
Unsure of how to improve your communication skills?
Finding it difficult to manage performance nerves?
Preparing for clinical exams or job interviews?
Seeking to enhance your practice of medicine and earn CPD points?
Yearning to connect with the "creative you"?

Medical Drama has put together a unique course, designed specifically for medical practitioners.

Many doctors are confident in their clinical skills and medical knowledge but are unable to effectively communicate what they know and believe. Therefore, their message is not effectively delivered to their target audience be it patients, colleagues or examiners!

The essence of Acting is to communicate with an audience by engaging the attention of the audience and eliciting a response from them. The skills required to produce good drama, are also those needed to effectively communicate in the many and varied clinical situations doctors face.

Our aim is to enable you to tap into your creativity, unleash your performance potential, and thus improve your presentation and communication skills!